Truck Loads – Some Things a Truck Driver Might Transport

Some things the truck driver might transport make his or her job all that much more exciting. There are numerous types of truckloads that require the driver to become specialized in a trucking job. Many truckloads give the driver huge responsibility because of the significant danger involved. Others are simple local jobs where the driver takes the same route every day, and returns home to sleep in their bed at the end of their shift.

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Some types of trucking jobs take the driver from a single pickup point to a single destination. Others require extensive stops along the way unloading, and sometimes reloading before moving on to the next destination. Based on the type of truck, the driver will experience hauling a variety of goods, materials and items to different locations.

  • Freight Haulers – This refers to a bulk hauler where the items or goods might be different every day. Usually, freight haulers travel long distances with a full load.
  • Flatbed Loads – Truckers with flatbeds will haul a variety of things including scaffolding, tanks, airplanes, machinery and large oversized components. Typically, these types of loads are too large to fit in the interior of the trailer. This usually means traveling extremely cautiously through all types of inclement weather. It offers more technical work with greater pay.
  • Tankers – Truckers driving tankers usually haul all types of liquids from milk, to gasoline, and hazardous chemicals. This type of driving requires special training and licensing. Many tankers also haul dry products including cement and sugar.
  • Auto Haulers – Obviously, an auto hauler can move a variety of vehicles. They might be in transit from the manufacturer, or just purchased from an auction, or after being offloaded off a ship from a foreign destination.
  • Van Lines – Most van lines are operated by truck drivers relocating households and office equipment.
  • LTL Freight – For any truck driver interested in making multiple stops, LTL freight is the ideal solution. Typically, the driver is required to load and unload the amount of freight that is “less than a standard truckload”.
  • Container Haulers – Like the large containers brought over on ships from foreign lands, or riding piggyback on a railroad, the container hauler is moved on trucks and delivered to retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. Nearly everything imaginable is moved through truckloads containers either domestically, or internationally.

Nearly 100% of everything we use every day is moved by a truck, at some point in the delivery system. Some things a truck driver might transport include every type of liquid, solid and gas.

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