Transporting Your Pet Cat

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Cat Shipping requires some planning so that you are not caught off guard when you attempt to transport your pet. The fundamental fact that you need to consider is that cats like surroundings that they are used to. There is no general rule about whether cats like to travel or not. It depends, very much, upon the individual cat but all of them need a little time to get used to and, even enjoy travelling. Before you contact a Cat Shipping company, you should prepare a collar for your cat with your name, and your contact details, so that you even in the event of the cat getting lost, there will be some method of locating it’s owner. One 21st century possibility is to provide your cat with a special microchip.  You have to enquire with your veterinarian to learn more about this possibility and and make an appointment earlier than the shipping date. If travelling by air, the authorities at the airport will ask you to produce documents demonstrating that your cat is healthy. This is very important when shipping your cat, and the only option, in the event that you forget to carry the necessary documents, is quarantining.

For kittens, using a carrier of suitable size is sufficient as you will be able to keep it with you. On the contrary, if you need to ship larger cats, purchase a crate that is best in terms of size, make, price, and comfort. You can even fix a fan inside the crate, if you think that your cat will spend a long time in a warm/hot environment. You can include your cat’s favourite bed, so that your cat sleep for most of the trip, and at the same time get used to the crate beforehand. Another point to be noted is that cats like boxes, so that they can hide in them when they feel the need. If your cat tries to avoid new surroundings, you can choose a crate that is covered sufficiently, but make sure that the crate has enough ventilation. This will offer privacy for your cat and put him to sleep soon. Buy suitable food and water bowls for your cat much before the cat shipping date.


Your kitten can be easily kept at the plane’s underbelly along with the luggage. Some cats will find it difficult to remain with luggage, since the noises and distraction of the suitcases and bags may scare them or make them feel uncomfortable. You should take precautions to prevent cats from getting lost in the airport by mishandling.  Some airlines charge a fee for the pet and so it is better to contact the airline beforehand. Another good way to prepare is to talk with other pet owners about their experiences, either on forums or blogs like this. Since most pets won’t enjoy flying they will need to be calmed. However, there is no need to administer tranquilizer, since it can result in some side effects. 


Cat Shipping does not have to be bothersome, if you know the facts and plan important things before you implement them.


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