How to transport large lawn equipment

Transporting large lawn equipment – whether it’s across town or across the state – is a job that requires planning and a helping hand. Lawn tractors and similar-sized lawn equipment often use sharp blades and are heavier than they seem, so you should be careful at all stages of the moving process. We’ll mention a few pointers, but first there’s a cardinal rule you must know: Do not try to load large lawn equipment onto a trailer by yourself. The rest of the job may only require one person, but there’s too much that can go wrong loading and unloading large lawn equipment solo. We’ll start with that process first.

Large lawn equipment that requires a trailer for transport will need to be loaded and unloaded using ramps. These are usually part of the trailer assembly and fit snugly at the rear of the trailer, but you’ll need to be sure they are secure before loading your lawn tractor. The best ramp angle for loading this equipment is about 15 degrees. Also, if the blades or other equipment can be safely removed from the undercarriage of the tractor, take the time to do so before trying to load. Ensuring these expensive and dangerous components are securely stowed makes sense for safety and financial reasons.

Next, place your lawn tractor into its lowest gear, retract all mowing blades or bush hog attachments to their highest points, and slowly move into position in front of the transport trailer’s ramps. Ideally you’ll want two spotters to help guide the tractor onto the trailer – one person on the trailer in front and one stationed in the rear. Be sure to make slow but steady progress up the ramps, but don’t stop midway unless it’s absolutely necessary. Once you’re on the trailer, keep the engine running until the lawn tractor is precisely where it needs to be for transport. Secure it to the trailer using industrial-rated chains, disconnect the battery, and check for leaking fluids – now your large lawn equipment is ready to be delivered.

These steps are repeated in reverse once the lawn tractor arrives at its destination. One important point: Be sure the new location is ready to accommodate large lawn equipment. Passageways throughout the property should be wide enough allow it to pass, and the delivery vehicle needs enough room to safely enter and exit the offloading area.

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