Ted Delivered Safely to New Owner

After a long road home, Ted has arrived into the waiting arms of his new owner.

“We got him to Cape Coral, Fla., around midnight,” said CitizenShipper driver David Zimmerman. “I think the owner was as relieved as we were that he finally made it there.”

Ted was temporarily held in an Indiana kennel after the original driver could not make the trip. David and his wife, Zola Zimmerman, stepped up and assumed the task earlier this week, picking the brown mixed puppy up Tuesday and delivering him early Thursday.

Zimmerman said the new owner was glad to meet his new pup.

“The owner was warm and welcoming, even at that late hour,” Zimmerman said. “I think they’ll be very happy.”

Ted was joined by Jasper, a husky mix, who joined the canine caravan in Bristol, Tenn. Jasper was delivered at 2 a.m. this morning at Naples, Fla. Zimmerman also delivered a cat from Jupiter, Fla. to Arknsas en route to Indiana.

Although he has only driven for CititzenShipper since December, Zimmerman has now completed seven hauls, all of them pet transportation jobs. He’ll continue to focus on that market.

“Pets are a great fit for what we’re trying to do,” he said. “We want our customers to know they can count on us to get their pet delivered safely. We’ll do it right.”

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