Should You Sedate Your Cat For Traveling Overland?

Cats are a breed of animal apart – yet, in many ways and when faced with certain situations, they behave much like we humans. That’s certainly the case when the issue of cat transportation arises. Just like us, some can get incredibly tense and nervous at the thought of a long journey, while others can Read more about Should You Sedate Your Cat For Traveling Overland?[…]

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How To Get A Shy Cat Used To New Surroundings

Moving houses, or moving between houses when you’re heading off to your summer (or winter) retreat, is something that we humans get better at with practice. Often, it’s the same way with your pets – but there are exceptions to this, with some cats, in particular, finding it difficult to adjust to new surroundings. Their Read more about How To Get A Shy Cat Used To New Surroundings[…]

Tips for Transporting Your Cat

Cats can be joyful pets – their companionship and loyalty know no bounds. When having them shipped, you want the best care possible for your furry friend. Many owners consider their cats as their “babies” and should be treated as such. There are a few preventative measures to take while transporting your cat for long Read more about Tips for Transporting Your Cat[…]