Successful Refrigerator Shipping

A user of Citizen Shipper recently had this to say about their experience shipping a refrigerator:

“Before I used your service, I called around and recieved higher quotes for the job. Then I chose one vendor who promised to come, kept calling and saying he was running late and in the end, never showed up! I found “My Citizen Shopper” on line at a time when I was getting pretty desperate. I needed to have a refrigerator taken from my garage to my son-in-law and daughter’s home about 20 miles away. And, I had about one day to get the job done! Unbelievably, the contractor who answered the ad was accepting my price (lower than what others quoted) and gave me a one hour window of when he could pick up the merchandise. Not only was he on time from start to finish but, he was obviously experienced and careful with the refrigerator. One company told me they could deliver it but, would not be able to bring it inside the house! But the “My CitizenShipper” contractor brought it in to the exact location it was needed in and hooked it up for us. He and his helper were awesome! I will definitely use this service again if I need a pickup and/or delivery! I am glad to know this service exists! :-)”

7 Tips for Successful Refrigerator Shipping

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