Getting Started in the Hot Shot Load Industry

Hot shot trucking is a versatile way to move freight to nearly any location. Hot shot loads can be moved with a big rig, or simply a van. Typically, common hot shot loads are time sensitive and need to arrive at their destination quickly. This can often be a variety of loads that could include vegetables and fruits, poultry, and even medicine.

Generally, the hot shot load industry can tailor the needs of their customers to a specific delivery. Many of these hot shot truckers own their own rigs, while others are leased through an organization that specializes in quick transport. Nearly all hot shot loads are freelance work, where the driver works as an independent trucker that moves goods for any carrier, business or enterprise without needing to sign a long-term obligation or agreement.

Any Route

Truckers that specialize in hot shot loads generally perform their own scheduling and will usually drive specific routes across the nation. However, as their own freelance boss, they can usually choose exactly what, where and when they will make deliveries.

Their Qualifications

Like all commercial truckers, those that specialize in hot shot loads must obtain a specific IRP license from the Department of Motor Vehicles. The specialized license qualifies the driver to use an overweight vehicle. They must also maintain high liability insurance to protect themselves, their rig, other drivers and the load they are carrying.

Finding Loads

There are two specific ways in any trucker interested in getting involved in hot shot load deliveries can find customers. They can advertise or use referral services. They can also use load boards as an effective way to fill their trucks. Many of these load boards work as an effective tool to match loads with the trucker’s specific routes or regions they may run every day. These load boards can also maximize the amount of money the trucker can generate by finding loads that match the specific price range that the driver will accept. There are other load boards that allow for bidding on specific jobs to compete for hauling urgent loads.

There is a great demand for all types of freight carriers. They are an essential part of the nation’s economy. Freight companies and independent drivers move over 70% of all the products, goods and materials used every year. The industry revolving around hot shot loads is in great demand, as it serves the immediate needs of businesses, enterprises, organizations and consumers.

hot shot loads

A Hot Shot Driver.

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