Small businesses finding alternatives to traditional freight shipping companies

If you own a small business, you try to save money at every turn. And if you own a small business that’s dependent on shipping goods to customers, you know that transportation costs eat into your bottom line.

Traditional freight shipping corporations hold all the cards when it comes to dealing with small businesses. These companies set the price, dictate how long a shipment will take, and give infrequent updates (if any) of the shipment’s progress. This leaves small businesses, some of which can only afford to stock about 30 days of commercial goods, at a disadvantage.

Not only do these businesses have to pay non-negotiable transportation fees, but there are no guarantees the freight will arrive on time. Likewise, there are no guarantees small business customers can wait until the stock arrives. Loyal clients may have to look elsewhere for the merchandise the freight company has yet to deliver.

A growing number of small businesses are finding ways around this problem. Independent drivers are connecting with businesses that previously relied on freight companies to transport their critical merchandise. These independent drivers are finding loads online at websites like, which has a community of more than 52,000 members that bid for the chance to transport freight, vehicles, furniture, pets, and more.

Small business owners themselves, these drivers have a vested interest in delivering your freight on time, in good condition, and at a fair price. Once a job is listed on, interested drivers begin bidding on the shipment. You’ll be able to see the bidder’s experience, background check details, and feedback from previous customers.

Your freight listing will include all of the necessary information that will attract the best drivers, including size, weight, a brief description and most importantly, the timetable in which you need it delivered.

While timing is critical, the biggest advantage to employing independent drivers to deliver your freight is economic. A typical four-pallet load transported by a shipping company can cost up 250% more than a job done by an online driver, and that savings percentage increases with the size of the load.

Finally, mobile technology affords online drivers the ability to give customers real-time updates from the road so you can check the status of the load and stay on top of weather and road conditions.

Technology is changing business, and CitizenShipper offers small business owners a chance to break the freight company monopoly.

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