Shipping a Polaris ATV

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If you need to be shipping a Polaris ATV (all terrain vehicle) you must choose a good ATV transporter, not all transporters can handle the Off Road Vehicular transport. Costs of shipping Polaris ATVs vary depending upon the distance covered, the type of vehicle transferring the ATV and of course your choice of shipper.

While choosing a Polaris shipping company, look for experience, safety procedures and insurance coverage. Building up confidence in your transporter is more important in Polaris shipping than comparing prices for shipping the Polaris ATVs.

Companies shipping Polaris legally have to be accredited with the US Department of Transportation. The insurance coverage must also be verified before committing to shipping Polaris through any transporter. The minimum coverage offered and other details of the transporters insurance policy and most importantly the name of the insurer is obtainable from the certificate of insurance provided by the transporter; remember to ask for it.

Transporter must be able to help you track your vehicle at any point in transit. Although most allow phone tracking only, there are also many that allow you to track through the Net by using a confirmation number or tracking number.

Look for specific references of other customers who have used the company for shipping Polaris before. These referrals can be had from the transporters references page. Do not compare with transporting other vehicles look specifically for ATV shipping.

Preparing for shipping Polaris ATVs means you understand how these transporters transport your vehicle. Knowledgeable ATV transporters use “Soft Ties”, which are tougher yet softer ties which do not scratch the ATV like normal ties while keeping it and any breakable parts unmoved throughout the journey. The trailers and trucks used for ATV transportation must be provided with appropriate lift gates for allowing unhindered loading and offloading. Moreover it is essential to check if you need a closed trailer or if an open trailer would do. In case of travelling shorter distances, within a shoe string budget and having a deadline, it is wiser to choose an open trailer. However if you feel that the roads need more careful consideration, the distance to be covered is longer and safety is a bigger issue than economy – by all means go for a closed trailer shipping of Polaris ATVs.

But whichever you choose you must be very careful about checking out the insurance policy of your transporter as your personal policy possibly would not cover in transit damages. Buying extra coverage could be a good idea for shipping Polaris. Remember to note any in transit damages on the Bill of Lading and get it signed by the transporters.

It is a good idea to look for peer-to-peer transportation for shipping Polaris ATVs. It is economical, fast, and efficient. Moreover it is a win-win proposition as the drivers income a few extra bucks without moving away from their routes while you get all the advantages of a door-to-door shipping company including insurance cover.

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