Shipping Household Items – Critical Points to Remember

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Moving home from Wyoming to Florida? It is an understandable that you are worried about shipping household items that are so much a part of your home. But there is a solution to every problem, just like this one. All your precious things – the vintage couch, your new fridge, the table you got from your mom-in law, the cooker you brought with your first salary, the good old dish washer – everything including your oversized freezer can be moved, within the US, efficiently and quickly by the household items shipping company.

These companies allow you to relax while they pack all your large household objects like the couch carefully in proper padded material. The fridge and the freezers can be packed separately in their respective boxes. Packing your TV and other appliances like the cooking ranges, microwaves, food processors and washing machines and dishwashers are best done in bubble wrap and then put in reinforced cartons provided by the movers for a nominal charge.

It is best to provide them one room in your place where they can do the entire packing; a good rule of thumb is to make that the room nearest to the door. However it is wise to remember to unplug and clean all your appliances like the fridge, the freezer, dishwasher and cooker. Make back-ups of your computer files, disconnect it and keep it prepared to be packed for the move.

It is important to note that while you should take addiitonal care packing jewelry, other precious heirlooms like silverware or chinaware, your hobby items and sports memorabilia; they will not allow you to pack and transport dangerous material like firearms and ammunition, paints, varnishes, thinners – in short anything that could catch fire or explode. While packing fragile items it is necessary to be extremely careful and not to cut corners – remember, one object at a time. Pack them yourself with old newspapers, blankets, pillow cases, sheets and above all with bubble wraps.

Remember to allow very little space inside the packing cases because if the objects could move around they would suffer heavily due to friction. Plates and other glass items should ideally be stored in a vertical position and not horizontally stacked. Always remember to allow the packers to inspect your packed material because some of them might need repacking into sturdier boxes for the sake of preserving them in transit. Although repacking usually attracts some charges, the boxes may be provided by the household goods movers for free if you agree to use old boxes. It is also very necessary to make a full inventory of goods before you load your household goods into the container. You can either prepare your own checklist or get a prescribed format from your household goods moving company.

Shipping household items can also be done along with your own vehicle too, if you have small and foldable or detachable furniture. You can also load some of the items in the trunk of the car or in the car itself. The economy of shipping household items can be greater if the goods are packed by you and if you follow the guidelines of the movers.

A couch is one of the most common items shipped.

A couch is one of the most common items shipped.



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