Shipping Hay Using the CitizenShipper Network

Shipping hay is a fundamental aspect of life for many in the US. After the hay has grown, it’s used to feed livestock such as horses, cattle, goats and sheep. Once hay has grown, it is typically collected into bundles and then shipped to some central location for storage before being distributed.

Both small and large bundles are produced, with people who own horses preferring the smaller bales. Many farmers use larger bales which maximizes he amount of hay which is protected from the elements during storage.

During times of drought, hay harvests can be depleted locally and on occasion hay needs to be shipped in. One of the issues here is the huge costs associated with this. The actual costs for the shipping of the hay can often be more than the cost of the hay itself.

This is where CitizenShipper can really help. With a network of over 35,000 drivers all across the US, farmers can use this network to get low cost hay shipping. If a driver is headed somewhere anyway then, for a fairly small fee, they can ship hay bales to farms and farmers alike.

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