How to Ship Vehicle Parts

All you need to complete the overhaul of your 1967 Chevrole Corvette is a four-barrel carburetor, and unfortunately it hasn’t been in stock at the local mechanic for at least 20 years. So,h ow do you get that part to get that classic Corvette running? For online shippers, like the 49,000 affiliated with CitizenShipper, delivering that carburetor is just the job for them.

Since vehicle parts are among the most durable items that can be shipped, some small precautions should be taken out of an abundance of caution. Any electrical elements should be double-wrapped in plastic bubble wrap and all boxed parts should fit snugly into their containers.

Heavy large boxes or groups of large boxes wrapped in industrial plastic should ride on top of pallets and be secures to the railings of the trailer.

Used covered transport, if at all possible. Even through most vehicle parts are made of different alloys, they should remain dry for the duration of the trip. An industrial tarp can do the job in a pinch or if traveling short distances.

Now that you’ve decided to use an online driver to get your vehicle’s, much-needed part, it’s time to compose the profile for your vehicle part. A listing needs to include a picture, the length, heigh and weight of the item and well as a realistic expected timeline. For example, don’t expect a par to travel 2,500 in 3 days.)

Some Caution: a few vehicle parts can hold fuel or brake and transmission fluid. Be sure the person send the package on its way has drained all of these items.

Need to ship an vehicle part buy don’y want to pay crazy fees?

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