Ship a vehicle now with Citizenshipper

Our drivers can get you across the county or across the nation.

Our drivers can get you across the county or across the nation.


Americans love their cars and trucks. We keep them clean, maintained and sometimes even talk to them.

But shipping a car can be difficult and expensive when using traditional carriers. That’s where CitizenShipper’s network of thousands of qualified drivers can help get your vehicle to your destination. We ship compact cars, electric cars, mid size and full size cars as well as trucks and SUV’s, and we even list shippers that exclusively deliver vehicles.

The best part is our online bidding system allows you to choose who will deliver the vehicle. Once you list your vehicle at, you can review the bid price, as well as the driver’s feedback and check their address, credit card, email and social media verifications. So the shipper you select will be the right fit.

Some guidelines to follow when listing and shipping a vehicle:

-Be specific when putting a vehicle up for shipment bid.

-Be sure to include, make, model, year, whether it is running or not and a picture.

-Include the vehicle’s dimensions and weight.

-Be sure to note expected pickup and drop off times

-Ensure at least ¼ tank of gas is in the vehicle.


Click here to list a vehicle for delivery.

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