Ship Your Pets Safely and Securely with CitizenShipper

Our pets: They’e part of the family. But sometimes they just can’t go where we go or at the same time. So if you have a Pekinese, Schnauzer, German Shepard, any kind of cat or an American Kennel Club show dog, CitizenShipper can get your fur baby where it needs to go safely and securely.

Pet shipping is one of the most popular types of online shipping because of the personal touch an individual person can offer versus a traditional big shipping company. Usually a pet rides in a carrier in the air-conditioned cab of a car or truck, ensuring the “package” is monitored and happy.

CitizenShipper customers save money on pet shipments because of our online bidding process. The customer chooses the right shipper based on their feedback and price. Several CitizenShipper drivers are specialists in pet delivery and often bid on new pet listings.

Because pets are such a special item, there are a few tips in getting ready to ship them

-Be sure to allow your driver time to feed, water and care for your pet along the route. Pets need fresh air, just like their human counterparts.

-Be very specific about any medications the pet will have to be given as well as the dosage schedule.

-Normally drivers pick up the pets and their traveling cages. If you do not have one, please state that in your listing.



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Ship your furry friends safely with CitizenShipper.

Ship your furry friends safely with CitizenShipper.

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