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By RonWatson

Mid Century Modern consoles are another component of the design that instantly make a bold statement, and if they are functional, special care must be taken in shipping these large items.

Usually constructed of teak, rosewood or other rare woods, Mid Century Modern consoles can range from 4 to 10 feet in length and from 75 to 200 lbs. They functioned as the first entertainment system, holding a turntable, AM/FM radio and sometimes reel-to-reel tape decks and televisions.

Brands such as JBL, Seeburg and Grundig were the first to arrive in the early 1950s, followed by American manufactuers RCA, Magnavox and Zenith. Until the late 1960s, most Mid Century Modern consoles were based on vacuum tube technology. These rare working tube amps offer a clear, distinct and uncompressed sound – in many minds yet to be matched by digital technology.

Shipping rare, tube-based consoles can be a challenge, however. If one is being sold or bought, they are likely in very good condition and need to be handled with extreme care. White Glove service, like that offered by many CitizenShipper drivers, is appropriate for these items.

Important hints for shipping Mid Century Modern consoles:

-Never connect a used console to electricity without having an electrician inspect it first. Doing so can ruin the amplifier’s components or become a fire hazard.

-Be sure to wrap the console snugly with padded material for travel.

-If the console is on wheels, it must be secured in the vehicle.


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MCM console 1500 px wide

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