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Getting the right large appliance delivered to your home requires planning and precision. Measurements must be taken and utility hookups must be ready to ensure proper placement and efficient use. We’ve put together a list of tips to help you ship and receive large appliances, whether you’re moving them across town or across the country.

First, it is critical to measure the space in which you plan to place the appliance. Some items, like refrigerators and dishwashers, have standard dimensions that span all brands. Additionally, measurements need to be taken through all hallways and doorways to be sure the appliance can easily get to its destination.

Just as important is planning where the utility hookups are located for each item. Electrical outlets have to be properly grounded and natural gas lines inspected by a qualified technician prior to installation.

Finally, care should be taken with glass stove ranges and cooktops, and appliances need to be crated and ready to ship upon pickup. Below are specific dimensions and utility requirements for various large appliances.



110 volt grounded, three-prong electrical outlet

Water connection kit required

Water valve shutoff within 6 ft. of hook up



Cabinet opening of at least 24” wide x 24” deep x 34 ½” high

New dishwasher connection kit

Water shutoff line within 6 ft. of hookup

Electrical outlet within 6 ft. of hookup


Electric Ranges / Dryers:

110 volt grounded, three prong electrical outlet


Gas Ranges / Dryers:

Gas connections should be checked by a qualified technician

All seals should not be cracked or degraded in any way



New hoses upon installation

110 volt grounded, three prong electrical outlet

Water valves (both hot and cold) should be in new condition and not more than 6 ft. from hookup


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Measuring both the appliance and the space it's going are critical for the right fit.

Measuring both the appliance and the space it’s going are critical for the right fit.



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