How can I ship my furniture for cheap?

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Furniture is big, bulky and, typically, quite heavy. Not only that, but it generally needs to be shipped from one place to another. For example,  if you are moving, or simply trying to ship furniture from the store, to your door. So, the question we commonly receive by email is: how can i ship my furniture for cheap?

There’s two things here that we can look at, that apply to The shipping side of things, and the cheap side of things. Because CitizenShipper has more than 15,000 qualified drivers all waiting to bid on your shipment, we know that we can help with your furniture shipping.

Now,regarding shipping for cheap. Because we operate a reverse-auction, you’re almost guaranteed to get a lower quote than had you phoned around.

A reverse auction in where people bid against each other to win a job, and therefore the lowest price wins. This is slightly different from a normal auction where the price trends upward instead.

Another reason CitizenShipper can usually guarantee an extremely competitive quote is because we try to match you with drivers already making a similar trip! This might be a courier who has happens to have some spare room in his/her truck, or who is coming back from a job he/she’s already completed. Picking up your furniture is no extra trouble and helps the driver make some extra cash! It’s really a win-win scenario.

Want to hear the best part? CitizenShipper takes 0% commission, and doesn’t even charge a listing fee. You can make good use of our site to gather quotes and be under no obligation should you not find a driver that’s right for you. There’s NO RISK!

So, in answer to the question: How can i ship my furniture for cheap?

Just visit our furniture listing page, provide us with some basic details and we’ll help you ship your furniture for low cost!

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