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One of the great things about p2p shipping is that, with such a large pool of drivers, shipping and delivery is a possibility any day of the week. Saturday delivery and Sunday delivery are the norm in the CitizenShipper world. It’s been a general rule that most companies close for the weekend, and with good reason. Most employees look forward to their free time which they can spend with their friends, family, or pursuing their hobbies. Indeed, a 7 day work week is an exhausting prospect and very soon one would see monumental decreases in productivity due to overworking.

However, for the occasional odd job which can be listed on our online auction site, one can find a driver who may have a couple of hours free for, say, a Saturday delivery. This quickly translates into a win-win situation for all involved parties. Sadly, the world doesn’t stop at the weekend. People still have basic requirements, be they shipping or otherwise, and the lack of a dedicated work force at the weekend can stunt the progress of certain projects or businesses. That’s why the casual, or occasional courier can help reconnect with the disconnected weekend population.

Apart from the obvious convenience of weekend delivery, there is the added benefit, to the driver, of higher pay for what may be considered ‘unsocial’ hours. Due to the deeply rooted compulsion of our society to take the weekends off, a higher wage should be expected for those who take time out of their free time to engage in saturday or sunday deliveries.

Using the network of drivers, one has the capacity to quickly locate drivers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in one of the largest online shipping marketplaces in the world.

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