‘Reverse Rescue’ Returns Dog to Original Home Years Later

By Ron Watson, Jr.

Five years ago, family circumstances forced Bunny’s original master to place the Doberman Pinscher mix up for adoption, and a new home was found for her. This month, a pet shelter in Florida’s Palm Beach County notified Bunny’s first owner that she had been taken in and he quickly agreed to re-adopt her.

Now living in Texas, John made arrangements with the shelter and moved to find a way to get Bunny to the Lone Star state. He posted an online listing at citizenshipper.com and accepted a bid from David Zimmerman, a driver specializing in pet delivery. Bunny was on her way home.

The canine’s personality emerged after soon after hitting the road, said Zimmerman.

“After her first walk, she jumped right in the Jeep, walked over to the center console, and got right in her cage,” he said. “She is super sweet and smart – it seemed like she already knew the plan.”

As they headed west, Zimmerman and his wife, Zola, comforted the dog – that had now been twice rescued – with attention.

“We gave her extra love to help her get over the trauma of being dumped at the shelter,” he said. “I wrapped her in a blanket and she slept on my lap when we took a four-hour nap during travel.”

They made their way to Texas and arrived on Saturday evening, where Bunny’s first family was waiting. What unfolded was, according to Zimmerman, a “truly heart warming scene for everyone.”

“John called Bunny’s name when he saw her and she went wild with excitement, jumped straight up in the air and started yipping,” he said. “The whole family, especially the two sons, had delight in their voices and they welcomed her back. They were all so glad to be reunited.”

And for Bunny, home became home again.





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