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Looking for a Refrigerator Transportation Pickup Truck – We can Help!

Refrigerators are typically large and heavy items that are not easy to ship from one point to another. Dolly’s, flatbed trucks and some good muscles are usually required! On CitizenShipper, we connect you with thousands of drivers across the nation who can help with big bulky items like fridges and can take a lot of the pain and trouble of of refrigerator shipping and at the same time save you money!

With more than 18,000 drivers registered on the site as of October 2010, we can virtually guarantee that you’ll find the right driver for your refrigerator transportation. Most of the drivers are professional couriers, haulers and truckers and use our site to find additional contracts like refrigerator transportation. Because CitizenShipper operates a reverse-auction style marketplace, where drivers BID to win your job, the price is usually driven down.

Often we help our members save as much as 75% on refrigerator transportation jobs. Because we help connect you with professional drivers you can usually get your refrigerator picked up from any location and delivered to any location. This way, you can use to have a driver pick-up a refrigerator from a business or residential address and ship it straight to your doorstep.

Drivers can help with shipments that are short-distance, say a few miles across town, to cross country shipping from the East coast to the West coast. We make every effort to connect drivers who are already planning on driving somewhere anyway. This is known as LTL or Less-Than-Truckload shipping and generally means that a driver will take along your refrigerator with a number of other items in his/her vehicle. This means that your shipment can ‘hitch-a-ride’ with a number of other shipments which drives the price even lower.

Refrigerator Transportation Pickup Truck Service

Refrigerator Transportation Pickup Truck Service

Refrigerator Transportation Pickup Truck Service – CLICK HERE!

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  • I would just like a price quote for transporting a used
    bottom freezer refrigerator from Dayton, Ohio to St. Louis, Mo

  • Deliver vintage GE refrigerator from a residence in Montrose CA.91020 to Sun Valley NV.89433.Height 71″ width 31″ depth 27″.weight 250 lbs. Need quote.Needs to be picked up on or before Monday Dec. 10. Deliver when convenient- no hurry.

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