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stressed puppy

How To Keep Your Dog Cool And Make Sure It Doesn’t Get Stressed

Dogs get stressed for all kinds of reasons, just like we humans. And although we hate to admit it, and we know how hard the animal-loving drivers who work alongside us try, one of the major causes of this stress is travel. Our canine companions can also pick up on our own stress, and so Read more about How To Keep Your Dog Cool And Make Sure It Doesn’t Get Stressed[…]

Hunting Dogs

Why You Might Need A Helping Hand With Sporting Dog Transportation

Hunting dogs have been helping man gather food since time immemorial. Man may have been the original ‘hunter-gatherer’ – but without dogs to scent out and bring home the fruits of his efforts, our abilities to feed ourselves, and indeed our whole evolution, could well have been very different. As a result of this interdependence, Read more about Why You Might Need A Helping Hand With Sporting Dog Transportation[…]

flying with pets

Still Think Flying With Your Pet Is Your Best Option? The Cost – And Plethora Of Rules – Might Make You Think Otherwise

Until pretty recently, plenty of people were only too happy to consider taking their pets with them on a flight if they were heading off on an extended vacation, or even relocating.
But a whole slew of incidents involving anything from animals being mis-directed, to pets suffering and even dying in crowded, stuffy airplane holds which were never designed to carry live cargo, has thrown the spotlight on how desirable – or otherwise – it might be to transport pets by air.

Spaniel air travel

Steer Around Air Carriers’ Breed Restrictions – Send Your Pets by Road

United is imposing a blanket ban on transporting animals to, from or through four airports for a whole five months (May to September) every year. These are Las Vegas, Palm Springs, CA, and Phoenix and Tucson, AZ. United cites the high temperatures often recorded in these regions as the reason for severely cutting back on its offering to these cities – and it’s no coincidence that regions served by these airports are among the most regularly requested destinations or originating points for customers using Citizenshipper.

pet transportation

Life as a Pet Transporter – on the Road with CitizenShipper

We get asked quite often about the work of pet transporters, so we thought that to give a taste of what it’s like, we talked with BILL RUSSELL, who’s a highly active pet transporter on CitizenShipper. In fact, Bill’s animal transportation business is very much a partnership with his ‘better half’, Erica Pittman, who as Read more about Life as a Pet Transporter – on the Road with CitizenShipper[…]