How to Move Valuables in Inclement Weather

Moving valuables in an inclement environment, whether the destination is across town or across the country, doesn’t have to be a chore if you’re properly prepared.

First, as a CitizenShipper customer, choosing a driver who uses a covered carrier will help tremendously if you plan on moving items from or into areas where inclement weather is common or in season. It’s also helpful to include the possibility of moving in poor weather in your listing and dialoguing with a potential driver about the likelihood of bad weather.

Next, identify valuables like antiques, furniture, art or other items of value to the drivers on the day of the move to ensure they receive special attention. Seal moisture-sensitive objects in sealable, water-resistant containers. Also, be sure either you are your driver wrap wooden furniture and accessories in plastic. Even if something is water resistant it can still be damaged by moisture.

Of course, if your property is being moved in an open trailer, all of these tips are even more important. Be sure the driver is using a securely strapped tarp (or industrial plastic cover) wrapped underneath your belongings, toward the front of the trailer, wrapped over and ending at the rear. This is critical to prevent moisture from seeping into the load, because, placed any other way, the tarp will be moved due to wind resistance.

When cargo is protected this way, even cardboard boxes wrapped in packing tape will fare well in bad weather. Clothes, however, need to be placed in plastic, sealable tubs. This may increase the price of your move a bit, but save problems when you arrive at the destination. Also, your driver may have some very useful advice this situation.

Finally, preparing the destination before the arrival of your items, especially in inclement weather, will make things easier for you and the driver. If there is bad weather at the destination, place towels or rugs near the entrance to keep water and mud off of your floor. Also be sure the utilities are on if the temperature will be extremely cold or hot.

Moving in inclement weather doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you expect it. Do any readers have any tips to add?

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