How to Move a Motorcycle

Shipping your two-wheeled baby takes planning, including choosing the correct transporter. Several motorcycle shipping companies require the entire cost of transport upfront, but the best idea is to offer a deposit at the time of pickup and then pay the balance upon delivery.

Motorcycle modes of transport are grouped into two categories: Open, where the vehicle is vulnerable to the elements and Enclosed Trailers, which protect the bike from the climate.

Open is the cheaper option, but if the cargo’s destination is far away, a closed trailer is recommended . Closed transport offers additional security by bracing the bike at several points in the trailer.

If you live in a residential area or on a narrow road, beware of companies offering door-to-door delivery service. Oftentimes an 18-wheeler can be difficult to navigate in residential areas, according to Scott Borne, owner of Borne Transport.

“I’ve delivered motorcycles in spaces that a car could barely fit through,” he said. “Lugging a motorcycle through mud and rain can be a nightmare. Please let the driver know he’ll be facing a tight fit.”

Insurance is a crucial component when considering transporting a motorcycle. Insist on inspecting the driver’s insurance policy before entering an agreement for transport.

Preparing your motorcycle for shipment will allow you to inspect the bike before the shipment. Wash the bike and note any damage for insurance purposes. Additionally remove all personal items and disable the alarm. Ensure the tires are inflated properly and check for fuel leaks. Leave the transmission in neutral.

Once the motorcycle arrives at its final destination, use the inspection report to check for damage. Any scratches and nicks should be documented immediately. Insurance claims can present problems without complete visual records. The best idea is to receive the bike in daylight hours, when it is easier to spot even the smallest damage.

Once your motorcycle is delivered, happy riding!

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