How To Move a Hot Tub


Whether you’re moving a new or used hot tub, getting it to its destination can be challenging.

Expect to have a team of at least six people and some heavy lifting and hauling equipment to get the job done. Or, you can hire a professional that can do the task with two people and the right tools.

But before putting a hot tub in place, it’s crucial to give it a test soak, according to Darius Clark, owner of Hot Tub Taxi, based in Charlotte, NC.

“It’s like testing out a mattress before you buy one,” said the 20-year veteran hot tub mover. “You need to feel the fit of the tub and be sure the jets are in the right place. It’s also crucial that the jets are pumping the correct pressure, usually seven to 10 lbs.”

Next, the intended location must be prepared. If your hot tub is going on the ground, it needs to be graded as level as possible. It is advisable to first lay down drainage stone before placing pressure-treated 4×4 boards for the foundation.

If the hot tub is going into a deck, the lumber must be built in a reinforced, load-bearing umbrella design with space for the wood to expand slightly.

Now you’re ready for the move. Professionals use a three-point spa dolly for transport and an inflatable spa wedge lift mechanism to get fit the hot tub into place. A hot tub usually weighs around 700 lbs., but will gain about 300 additional pounds in water weight in a few years due to the absorbent nature of the insulation.

If a hot tub is moved improperly or dropped, severe damage can result. The cabinet may break or a cracked shell could compromise the integrity of the entire tub. Heating and electrical components are also easily damaged.

Clark said buying used hot tubs can also be risky.

“We inspect a lot of craigslist tubs that have a lot of unseen issues, like corrosion on the pump motors or hidden cracks,” he said. “When you buy one used, you never know if you’re getting a lemon.” Dark skin family with two children in bath tub

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