Move An Entire Apartment Using CitizenShipper

Just received a job transfer? Moving into a new apartment? We can give you a helping hand while cutting costs.

Moving apartments can be tough, especially if you’re moving a considerable distance. Let CitizenShipper connect you with a driver that will get your things to their destination safely and securely.

Once an apartment is listed, a pool of thousands of drivers can then bid on your shipment. As bids are placed, you (the customer) can begin evaluating bidders by evaluating their feedback from past completed shipments as well as their verifications for address, credit card, social media and email.

Some tips when prepping for an apartment move:

-Start packing in advance. Rushing through packing the morning of the move is a nightmare. Budget some time to pack the things you don’t use often.

– Moving is a great time to streamline your possessions. Donate old clothing or furniture that can’t make the trip to a local charity.

-Submit a ‘Change of Address’ form with your former post office well in advance of the move date.

-Keep important financial and personal paperwork with you.

Click here to list an apartment for shipment.

CitizenShipper can move an entire apartment for you.

CitizenShipper can move an entire apartment for you.


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