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If you are on the lookout for earning serious money, why not join the transportation industry? As most in the transportation industry know very well, there are various types of cargoes that cannot be sent through the normal trucks. The conventional transportation trucks have a fixed departure schedule and they stop at various points in the course of their journey to load and unload cargo. However, this is not the case with hotshot trucking. The cargoes that are sent through hotshot trucking are time sensitive and it is due to this reason that the hotshot trucks travel non stop from the starting point to the destination point.


There are many industries that rely a lot on hotshot trucking to carry their cargo and some of them include the medicine industry, poultry industry, fruits & vegetables. Here are occasions when a diagnostic instrument needs to be sent from one city to the other without any delay. Hotshot trucking is tailor made for these types of tasks. These trucks are driven by the owners and are leased by transport organizations. You too can start this venture by purchasing a hotshot truck.


The money is quite good and you generally get to keep 80% while the transport organization keeps 20%. Do not forget, in order to succeed you have to establish a good relation with a leading transporting organization. Make out an application and submit the same to the terminal manager of the organization you plan to work with. If you are accepted, you will be required to undergo a medical exam along with a drug test and you have to pass both of them. Once this is over and done with, purchase your hotshot truck. The organization that has hired you will provide you with the specifications of the same.


While purchasing the truck get the longest one that you can afford. One important point to remember is that you should only opt in for a diesel vehicle since gas based engines will not be able to handle the long and frequent trips you will be required to make. Driving a long truck is more comfortable compared to driving a short one. You should also ensure that the cabin is spacious enough thereby permitting you to sleep at the end of a long journey. There are a number of tasks that you need to complete after purchasing the truck before you can begin the hotshot trucking job.


You have to get the truck along with the trailer inspected by the USDT (United States Department of Transportation) and once the requirements have been met, stickers will be issued to you stating that you have met the requirements. On the other hand if you are someone who wants to send their cargos through hotshot trucking, then just check out the website of CitizenShipper. Just fill up the online form and start receiving bids from those who are into hotshot trucking. Select the one that offers the lowest price and opt in for their service.


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4 thoughts on “Make Money With Hotshot Trucking

  • I am looking at the hotshot service but it seems a little harder than I expected. I do have a clean CDL A with all the endorsements. If I am making $12.00 hour no one will give me a loan for a 20 to 30k pickup. My credit is 0 I have none. Then there is the trailer another expense. This is much more than I can handle to get started. Then there is the other route. I can just drive for someone. Most that I have found are not making it. The ones that are it seems there is always a snag in the job. I had one and after one day I was told that because I was not from there and did not know the territory. Also I would have to move there and with no credit it was difficult if not impossable. I still want to do this and hope to someday be an owner operator hooked up with a good company that offers never ending accounts. Any ideas would be helpful would be appreciated. Thanks Ray

  • Starting up hotshot company looking for advice on how to bid for jobs hazmat fees and deseil fees

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