Meet the Team: Robert Cohen

Next up in our ongoing series of staff interviews is Robert Cohen, our onboarding manager. Drivers who’ve signed up recently might recognize this native of Portland, Oregon if they ran into him on the street! Robert’s the man behind the webinars and video calls that familiarize new drivers with the CitizenShipper platform.

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Hi, Robert! To start with, could you tell us a bit more about yourself and your experience?

I am the Driver Onboarding Manager for CitizenShipper. I am new to the company! I am an avid learner and a self-help junky. I love weightlifting and enjoying good coffee. I am very passionate about helping people and providing value. I work closely with the team to iron out inefficiencies in the onboarding process.

How have you discovered CitizenShipper and what made you join the team? Also, are you a pet owner yourself?

I applied for a customer support role through, and after interviewing with Alexandra I fell in love with the company culture and its values. CitizenShipper’s company culture resembles that of a family and I am happy to be part of it!

Yes, I am a pet owner – I have had my pug Frank since he was a puppy. And yes, his name is Frank because of the movie.

Which of the company’s use cases and goals best align with your personal values?

Right of that bat, my customer’s success is my success! My whole role surrounds the main value that I believe in and what I believe to be the strongest value of any company – its customers. I am honored every day to have the opportunity to help more people in our community.

Which part of your work are you most excited about?

I love seeing the drivers’ success. I love to motivate people to keep pushing forward until the end of the tunnel. It is very fulfilling to help some of those who feel lost.

What does the future of CitizenShipper look like from your perspective?

Sky is the limit for Citizenshipper – I see this platform as an ever-growing community of people that are helping each other. Since joining I saw the potential, every day I see and hear the excitement in people’s voice. Sky is truly the limit, and I am excited for the ride!

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