Are There Too Many Empty Trucks on US Roads?

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Sustainable shipping companies are doing roaring business. Shipments of every kind of objects are being sent to and fro through the entire length and breadth of America. But the profits for these environmentally friendly shipping companies are apparently not showing up as they should. A survey has answered “why?” – It seems that the number of empty trucks on US roads is the elusive answer. Although the eco-friendly companies are doing a splendid job on selling space on their trucks and trailers, the sale is almost always for a one-way movement of the truck. On the return journey the empty truck is not only causing a loss to the company which owns it, but its immense fuel consumption leaves a huge carbon footprint and adds to the environmental pollution perils.

As is quite obvious, such shipping inefficiencies cost a tidy packet. So, the environmentally friendly shipping companies are brainstorming new ways to tackle the issue of these empty trucks on their return journeys. One effective way has been to use Peer to Peer shipping where senders are matched up with those planning to make a trip in the same direction for carriage of the shipment. Peer to Peer shipping creates a win-win condition for all who are involved – the drivers make a few easy dollars, the customer gets a discounted price as well as a good delivery time frame, and the environmentally friendly shipping website also makes its profits. Peer to Peer shipping however entails one problem that the shipped products are sometimes not insured.

Empty trucks are also directly filled up by larger sustainable shipping corporations at discounted rates. When contacted by customers at the destination point of another delivery, the environmentally friendly shipping companies often sell their spaces quite cheap. However, the problem again lies in the shipment being uninsured.

Once shipments are sent off from one end, the environmentally friendly shipping firms publish the date that the truck becomes vacant at its destination in a bid to reduce their shipping inefficiencies and attract customers who need to ship something on those exact days. Their are finding quite a few takers among those who are fully committed to reducing their carbon footprint on earth.

Proper load distribution, and filling each empty truck to its full capacity, also makes for a smaller number of trucks required to make an equal number of deliveries. However, a large number of shipping companies, leave the load on the trucks at less than full truck loads. Such practices not only destroy potential profit for them but also generate an increase in the carbon footprint left by that company.

Currently, of course, eco-consciousness has grown globally. This has caused customers to, increasingly, demand environmentally friendly shipping operations and practices from the shipping houses. The shipping corporations themselves are trying to incorporate sustainable shipping patterns, as it also influences their bottom-line in terms of more profits and greater number of customers. So the problem of empty trucks on US roads is being slowly solved by them through as many innovative ways as possible. hopes to address all these problems by providing an auction style marketplace where shippers can visit the site, and attempt to locate these empty trucks. By filling these empty trucks with shipments, less fuel is wasted and we slowly become a more environmentally friendly nation.

Full Truck Hauling Cars

Full Truck Hauling Cars


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