First Leg of ‘Operation Save Ted’ Underway

By Ron Watson, Jr.

Ted, an adorable three-month-old puppy, has begun the first leg of a journey to meet his new owner. The brown mixed canine was set to make the trek earlier this month when the driver that agreed to bring the dog from Monan, Ind., to Cape Coral, Fla., became ill and was hospitalized.

David Zimmerman, who joined CitizenShipper in December, was contacted by the company and agreed to pick Ted up and deliver him. Zimmerman and his wife, Zola, slept in their vehicle the night before in anticipation of getting Ted.

The couple plan to stop overnight in Bristol, Tenn., where they will collect another dog that is bound for Naples, Fla.

Zimmerman said the puppy is enjoying his freedom.

“He was very excited to be out of a cage for the first few minutes, then he calmed down and began to enjoy the ride,” said Zimmerman. “He’s awesome. You can tell he’s glad to have some company.”

Ted had outgrown the travel crate he was initially transported in, so his new owner authorized Zimmerman to buy a small kennel, leash and food for the trip.

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