Increase Your Freight Delivery Workload by Bidding on Shipments

Professional drivers from across the country now have a phenomenal resource for bidding on shipments at nearly any location in the country. This available resource allows hotshot drivers and trucker owner-operators the ability to obtain more business and better paying loads to eliminate back hauls and empty cargo space.

Bidding on shipments offers the ability to take control of the delivery business, by keeping the vehicle moving while generating income. Using competition, professional drivers can locate the exact loads that fit the specific criteria of their equipment, from a wide array of pickup locations all over the nation.

Placing a Bid

Once the professional driver has found a potential shipment, they can place a bid on the job to compete against other drivers. The consumer has the opportunity to have access to customer feedback and reviews, before selecting the professional driver to complete their delivery.

This effective process offers extensive opportunities for the customer and the driver. The customer has the ability to use competition to get a low price for their job, delivering merchandise and goods using a competent driver. The trucker or hotshot driver has the ability to choose only the best paying hauls, and indicate exactly the lowest price they will take for making the delivery.

Bidding on shipments is easy. These bidding sites offer thousands of jobs every day, around the clock. They provide a valuable source for the experienced professional driver in finding new work when needed. It provides the opportunity for the driver to maintain a successful business and keep running, on their chosen routes anywhere in the nation.

Bid Updates and Alerts

Numerous bidding sites offer a continuous updated status along with bid alerts, automatic emails, and the ability to see the potential of winning a desirable job. Through an automated process, the professional driver is notified the moment their bid is either accepted or declined.

If their bid is declined, they can place another bid quickly to ensure they can maintain their business by finding the next good paying job. This provides competitiveness in the market, and the ideal solution for the owner-operator to continuously stay busy.

Bidding on shipments is a unique and successful way to stay competitive in the transport industry. This powerful tool uses the best technology to provide real-time solutions to truckers and hotshot drivers that make a substantial living transporting goods all across the nation.

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