Hotshot Jobs Offer a Rich and Rewarding Experience

Hotshot jobs offer men and women a unique opportunity as freelancers in the freight industry. Rising in popularity over the last few years, the hotshot trucking industry involves transporting cargo as quickly as possible to nearly any location in the nation. Because of the potential of making a substantial living, many drivers are attracted to the opportunity of working for themselves, by moving cargo from one location to another.

Many companies and consumers rely on hotshot trucking services to move precious cargo as quickly as possible. It may be an automobile just purchased at auction, or perishable goods that need to reach their location before they spoil. Many of these hotshot jobs save companies from traditional issues involving distribution, packing, cross docking, and crating.

Truckers and drivers that specialize in hotshot jobs usually have a standard 1-ton truck with a long extended flatbed trailer (usually a gooseneck) that can arrive quickly to pick up the goods. After securely loading the items on the flatbed, they quickly head out to the destination. These drivers understand that many of their clients require time-sensitive deliveries, which must be expedited quickly and delivered on a predetermined schedule.

Many of these drivers have established a niche in the types of materials and goods they will deliver. This niche might include the distance they are willing to travel, or the specific routes they traditionally traverse. Some offer panel truck deliveries, or small loads and vans that can carry goods from one location to another fast.

Rules and Regulations

Hotshot jobs are available to those that are in good physical condition, do not use drugs, and can pass all the requirements and licensing necessary to perform their hotshot job. If the driver will be working for themselves, they will need to be fully insured with enough liability insurance to cover themselves, the rig, the load, and any other party that would be involved in a collision.

Finding Work

Many drivers tend to avoid hotshot jobs because of the challenges of finding work. However, there are numerous load boards that are available online that provide an extensive amount of work every day. By paying a low monthly subscription, drivers have 24-hour access to the load board to choose available loads in their vicinity, along with a return load, to bring them back to their home base, with a paying job.

The available hotshot jobs offer a rewarding experience to anyone with determination and drive to make it in the freight industry. As the nation continues to rely on freight haulers, there will always be money to be made in hotshot jobs.

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