Why a Hot Shot Business is Winning Situation for Drivers

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Businesses that need to have their goods and parcels delivered quickly to specific destinations can choose to contract with freight companies that offer hot shot business services. These type of freight companies accepts goods and parcels regardless of their weight and size, from small boxes and parcels to large ones, to factory machines that weigh tons. Most of the time, the shipments are time-sensitive and freight companies need to have them delivered to their respective locations as quickly as possible.

Because shipments need to be delivered promptly and in a timely manner, hot shot load drivers are expected to deliver the shipments without taking any breaks on the way. Freight companies typically use diesel powered trucks and goose-neck trailers in order to deliver the shipments.

A Hot shot business is often mistaken for an expedited loads business. While they both may carry loads that are time-sensitive, there remains a big difference between the two. Expedited loads are those that are often carried and shipped by straight trucks, vans, and tractor trailers. Meanwhile, hot shot load drivers often use flatbeds or medium-duty trucks designed to pull trailers that are intended for hauling loads.

The hot shot business industry has not just become attractive to businesses that need to deliver time-sensitive goods and parcels, but also to truck drivers. Hot shot trucking provides freelance drivers the opportunity to earn extra cash, either by contracting with a hot shot operator or by using online shipping companies that offer freight matching services.

Nowadays, anyone who has the appropriate driving license from DMV are allowed to get into hot shot load industry and drive different hot shot trucks, which include overweight vehicles and trailers.

Independent hot shot drivers are given the opportunity to find loads that they want to ship and choose their preferred locations and destinations through online freight matching providers. This means that they have all the earnings – no deductions of any kind – and that they handle all of the paper-work associated with the service. Their earnings usually depend on their loads and their shippers and on how much they work. The challenge, however, is finding a hot shot business to deliver.

Meanwhile, hot shot drivers who have contracted with operators have individuals who will handle all the paper-work. This, of course, comes with a small fee. Typically, these drivers get 75% of the freight service while the remaining 25% goes to their operators.

Hot shot drivers who choose to be independent can take advantage of the different online freight matching providers that can help them find a hot shot business. Such a service works like online auction sites like eBay and can work well with drivers who want to go independent instead of contracting with a hot shot operator. This also works well for businesses that need to quickly deliver goods and parcels as they can easily find freelance drivers who can provide the type of service they need.

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