Find hot shot loads tx

Looking for hot shot loads in Texas? Click Here.

On our site you will locate hundreds of shipments that need delivering, and be able to place BIDS to win that shipment, make the delivery, and get paid! As long as you have got transportation, you can join, and Find hot shot loads tx.

Not many jobs are as pleasurable as being a hot shot driver in tx, the lone star state. For the most part, a hot shot drivers gets to set their own schedule, can decide how much they want to make, and not have to work in a small office.

Loads of people are considering the freelance courier industry these days as a way to make a part time wage on the evenings and weekend, and in some case as a full time job. One thing is for sure, there will always be people looking to get things shipped from point A to point B.

Here at, we operate a shipping marketplace where freelance drivers can visit our site and quickly browse hundreds of shipments that need delivering and find hot shot loads in tx. There are a huge array of shipment categories including small parcels, pets, furniture, vehicles and even apartment moves. We have a shipment for just about everyone.

If you own a small vehicle, or even a bicycle then you’re more likely to be interested in some of the smaller, handheld deliveries that are posted to However, if you own a truck, flatbed, or even a semi – then some of the larger shipments may be of interest to you. Fortunately, there are shipments for almost every vehicle type.

One question that is frequently asked is “How much can I make?”. This will depend on the size of the shipment, and how far it needs to travel. Average COURIER rates are between $1 to $2 per mile. So, a local job could pocket you somewhere in the range of a few hundred dollars, whereas something that needs to go out of state could very well be worth thousands of dollars.

One very popular way to use this site is for the case that you are planning on making a journey somewhere anyway. perhaps you’ve got the weekend off, and plan to drive to a close city to visit friends and relatives. Why not search our site and locate a delivery that needs taking along? That way, you’ll have your gas paid for, and probably make a little extra on the side.

Another way this site could be used is to help pay for a road trip. If you’re thinking of taking a few days off, and seeing the country by road, you could plan your trip based on CitizenShipper deliveries. That way, you get to enjoy the open country, and not worry about how much gas is costing you! Find hot shot loads in tx today!

One of the many ways we help you win jobs is by allowing you to build a profile. On your profile you can upload pictures of yourself, and your vehicle. This gives potential clients confidence that your vehicle is up to the job, and by adding a picture of yourself, the client knows who to expect and feels more confidence in choosing you. We also operate a feedback system so you can build your reputation. When you make a bid, clients see feedback that has been left by your previous clients and this further provides the client with confidence.

If you haven’t already signed up for our COURIER JOBS then please visit our registration page and join CitizenShipper today!

Find hot shot loads tx

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  • Hello my name is Keith and I’m thinking about starting a buisness in Hot shot and would like to as a few questions. My phone # is 254-349-5128.



  • I think this is a very good company that help like myself. I have a F-150 and I have a 16 feet trailer and need work asap !

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