En route home, Ted gets a traveling buddy

Ted, the mixed puppy that has waited weeks to meet his new owner, has been joined by Jasper, a 35 lb. husky mix, nearly halfway to his destination.

Jasper was picked up in Bristol, Tenn., earlier today after new CitizenShipper David Zimmerman and his wife – as well as Ted – again slept in their vehicle overnight.

Loading Jasper this morning was a chore, Zimmerman said.

“He’s a big momma’s boy,” according to Zimmerman. “Jasper didn’t want to get in the truck at all. It took a while to get him situated.”

The two puppies have gotten along well, with Ted riding in a new carrier and Jasper stretched out across the backseat.

Zimmerman and his wife, Zola, stepped up to help Ted, who was marooned in an Indiana kennel after the driver that agreed to deliver him to Cape Coral, Fla., was hospitalized.

The couple started their journey by delivering Julesy the cat from Jupiter, Fla., to Blytheville, Ark. Even though they don’t have a pet of their own, they find satisfaction in pet hauling.

“I grew up with lots of pets, but our busy lifestyle doesn’t allow us to have one right now,” said Zimmerman, who had a pet donkey while growing up in Eerie, Penn. “Zola and I both love pets, and we’re able to help them and their owners out by doing this.”

Just north of Atlanta at noon today, Zimmerman said he expects to deliver Ted to his new owner by 9 p.m. then get Jasper home around midnight in Naples, Fla.

“This has been quite an experience,” he said. “By tonight, we’ll have gone three days, three pets and 3,000 miles door-to-door.”

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