Eight-year-old boy completes 1,000 shipments; Mom left in the dark

Jery Wheeler completed 1,000 shipments over the summer with CitizenShipper!

Jerry Wheeler completed 1,000 shipments over the summer with CitizenShipper!

Apparently video games and ice cream weren’t enough to keep eight-year-old Jerry Wheeler occupied this summer, as his mom, Marie, discovered recently after listing an item with online shipping pioneer CitizenShipper.com.

“I needed to get a refrigerator to my friend in California, so I thought I’d get a good price by looking online,” said Marie. “After about a day, a driver located in my town bid on the shipment and offered a reasonable rate.

“Little did I know it was my own son. He’s in fouth grade – he should be riding bikes or watching Star Wars, not traipsing around the tri-state area delivering shipments.”

Even more shocking was that Jerry completed 1,000 shipments since school let out in May and earned a perfect 100% positive feedback rating. According to Jerry, logistics and combining shipments were key to his successful summer.

“I learned right away that you have to be organized and pile up a bunch of shipments if you want to do it right,” said the industrious youth. “I mean, I didn’t have to pay for gas money. I just got hungry a lot.”

Jerry used his Big Wheel – fitted with a towing package and a 14-ft. trailer – for each delivery, and was never gone for more than 8 hours at a time because of the strategic location of his family home, situated near interstates running north to south and east to west. This kept his mom, who owns a downtown business, in the dark until last week.

“I mean, who expects their kid to do something like this,” she asked. “But at least we got a head start on college tuition.”

As of press time, local Child Protective Services were not investigating the case, although Jerry has been fitted with a GPS tracking device his mom monitors in real time.

As for Jerry, this past summer is one he won’t forget.

“I met a of nice people,” he said “There was a bunch of grandmothers at a rest stop that gave me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and all the chocolate milk I wanted.”

Jerry Wheeler’s incredible story isn’t over, it seems. A cable television company has expressed interest in starting a series featuring him, tentatively titled “KidShip.”


This message is intended as a joke! Of course an eight-year-old wouldn’t be fed peanut butter -n- jelly sandwiches by Grandmothers at a rest stop!

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