Dispatching Jobs Involve Skills in Communicating in Scheduling

Dispatching jobs offer a wide array of responsibilities for anyone holding this position. The dispatcher is the individual that will communicate with drivers in the field, using radios and other forms of communication. They are directly responsible for issuing work orders, route scheduling and providing the assistance that every driver requires whenever trouble arises.

Available dispatching jobs also involve the use of sophisticated satellite systems, two-way radios, cell phones and high-level computer programs in an effort to manage a scheduled system.

Involved Training

The training involved in these dispatching jobs is minimal. Most truck dispatchers have begun their careers as a truck driver themselves. A newly hired dispatcher can typically expect to receive training on the job often overseen by a direct supervisor. Usually, a GED or high school diploma is required for dispatching jobs throughout the nation. Because there is an extensive high demand for truck drivers, there is an equally high demand for dispatchers that can keep them moving on the roads.

The Duties of a Dispatcher

Many of the truck dispatching duties involve being responsible for relaying scheduling information to truck drivers out in the field. This also involves maintaining the trip records of each trucker and checking them in and out of the company’s terminals. There are extensive office duties and the filing of documents that need to be maintained by the dispatcher. Multitasking is an essential component to these dispatching jobs, where the individual is expected to handle a variety of tasks simultaneously.

While the dispatcher typically only communicates with their supervisors and the truck drivers, they may at times encounter communication directly with customers. Usually, a dispatching job is not a traditional 9-to-5 occupation working five days a week. However, the pay is good, offering a long-term career to an individual that is skilled in communication.


These dispatching jobs require individuals that can provide optimal communication by relaying important instructions and necessary orders to truck drivers out in the field. These drivers might be located in the community, or traveling cross-country. The dispatcher must have a high level of skill concerning problem solving along with the capacity to take on difficult situations in an environment that is often very fast-paced.

These exciting dispatching jobs are just as essential to the operation of the truck driving business as every driver. It is the responsibility of the dispatcher to keep everyone safe and moving on their route to complete their tasks.

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