How To Choose a CitizenShipper Driver for Your Needs

By Ron Watson, Jr.

Now that you’ve decided to use CitizenShipper to transport your cargo, there are a handful of simple tips for picking the right online driver for the job. CitizenShipper offers a community of more than 47,000 drivers – some even specialize in delivering specific loads like Pets, Vehicles or Boats. Other members can handle nearly any category and often stack up several shipments as they move across the country.

You, the customer, have to power to choose who will handle your item, the time frame in which they move it and the price range you’ll pay. To get the ball rolling, CitizenShipper will ask you to create a listing that contains all of the important info a driver will need to know to bid on the shipment, starting with pickup location and destination. If you need a delivery completed by a certain time, that fact needs to be emphasized. Photos uploaded from your cell phone or camera will give drivers additional perspective on your item.

The listing should include specifics about the item you’re shipping. If it’s a pet, provide the name of the breed, age and weight. Boat listings should list the type of vessel and its length and width. If you’re placing a vehicle for bid, mention the make, year and if it’s in running condition. Inoperable larger items like vehicles and motorcycles can require more than one person to load, so it’s essential to let drivers know if someone will be on hand to load and unload. If not, they’ll need to bring an extra set of hands with them.

All of this info will let a driver know two things: 1.) Yours is a shipment he’s interested in, and 2.) A fair price to offer for bid. Clear and informative listings often attract the top drivers in the CitizenShipper community.

This leads to evaluating drivers once their bids begin to come in. On, you’ll see each driver’s level of experience, the vehicles they use and the certifications they’ve earned as a member of the company’s online shipping community, including background checks, months/years on the site, number of completed shipments and pictures of the driver and his/her vehicle(s). You can also browse the feedback they’ve earned from satisfied customers of prior shipments for added confidence.

When you are evaluating bids it is also important to see the equipment each driver uses. Should you accept a lower bid from a driver because he uses open trucks and trailers instead of a closed van or trailer, be prepared for the possibility of inclement weather. Likewise, larger vehicles and equipment use more fuel – and their insurance can be more expensive – raising the bid price. Finally, a more experienced driver usually offers a higher bid.

CitizenShipper offers thousands of candidates for any item a customer would like delivered, across the state or across the nation. Picking the right one is a matter of providing concise information in the listing and properly evaluating drivers who bid on your shipment.

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