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Motorcycle owners naturally worry about both transit times and the delivery conditions of their “beauties” whenever they want to choose to ship their motorbikes. However, choosing an experienced and reputable motor shipping company can immediately solve most of their problems. Although cheap motorcycle shipping companies are a dime a dozen, they could come with suprises cropping up at the last moment. Still, bikers around the world are constantly shipping their bikes and many have good recommendations to make which can help with your decision. Even shipping Yamaha bikes or other foreign bikes is not necessarily too much of a problem.


There are a multitude of options available for shipping motorcycles affordably and easily. One choice that will have to be made is whether to select crated transportation or uncrated. You can generally utilize an open transportation trailer or, the  more common, closed trailer for cross country deliveries across the US. The best in the business even have fleets of trailers (18-wheelers) that are customized to be “motorcycle friendly”. They pack the bikes carefully and with state-of-the-art technology.


Most of the motorbike shipping companies provide a pick-up service from dealers and re-sellers in addition to private individuals relocating their own motorcycles. The only condition laid down by the motorcycle shippers are that the pick-up and delivery points must allow access to their 18-wheelers. This is, of course, imperative to allow the vehicle to navigate the raods. In case the streets in residential areas are not wide enough, or, there are low hanging cables and tree branches, you can suggest the parking lots nearby; ideally supermarket parking lots, which are equipped to handle such vehicles.


The deliveries are also made the same way by trailers. Numerous motorbike shipping companies offer about a week to 2 weeks delivery time depending upon the place of delivery. But early deliveries are a regular feature. Whether it’s Yamaha shipping or any other motorcycle shipping deliveries, the haulers deliver them without a scratch despite the bikes travelling huge distances. The truck drivers expertly unload the motorcycles at the delivery point while the owners inspect their machines; they also call up the owners to fix the delivery timings beforehand.


Any reputed motorbike shipping company offering cheap motorcycle shipping will also take care of the paper work necessary for clearing and forwarding their goods. In case of international deliveries you may need to hire a customs broker recommended by the motorbike shippers. The economic burden of having knowledgeable professionals to help you get your motorcycle to its destination hassle-free is worth those few extra dollars.


Insurance and damage handling is also efficiently dealt by these motorcycle shippers. A copy of their certificate of insurance should be enough to give you enough data to make an informed decision. The damages that are covered could include mechanical damage. Make sure you ask for the coverage limit and also whether specialty items or accessories are covered. However, if your bike is expensive, buying extra coverage might be a good idea.


Tracking your consignment in real time has nowadays become easier with most motorbike shippers providing a tracking system on their web portals. Other than that, of course, you can keep track of the motorcycle by calling up the company for updates.


Cheap motorcycle shipping nowadays is easy with almost no hassles provided you choose your hauler carefully.

Happy Motorcycle Shipping

Happy Motorcycle Shipping


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