How to Ship Scuba Gear

For scuba divers, there’s no greater joy than exploring an underwater reef that’s been on their bucket list for years. There’s a lot less joy, however, when divers have to plunge into their pockets to pay rental fees for scuba gear they’re not familiar with and won’t be able to use like their own. A Read more about How to Ship Scuba Gear[…]

How to transport large lawn equipment

Transporting large lawn equipment – whether it’s across town or across the state – is a job that requires planning and a helping hand. Lawn tractors and similar-sized lawn equipment often use sharp blades and are heavier than they seem, so you should be careful at all stages of the moving process. We’ll mention a Read more about How to transport large lawn equipment[…]

Search on for drivers willing to help reunite paralyzed man and puppy

CitizenShipper is looking for drivers able to donate their services to reunite Tyler Keller, who was paralyzed in a vehicle accident in March, and his dog, Addie. Keller was driving on wet roads in Douglas Pass, CO, when his car plummeted down a cliff, ejecting he and Addie. A motorist found Addie huddled against a Read more about Search on for drivers willing to help reunite paralyzed man and puppy[…]

How to Move a Heavy Safe

Even if you’re handling a move yourself, a large, heavy safe is one of the items you may need help transporting. Unlike portable safes, large safes are not built with easy transport in mind. They are built to stay in one place and keep everything but the owner out. This combination makes heavy safes one of Read more about How to Move a Heavy Safe[…]

Baby woodchuck’s road trip to new home

Dan Sutton was reviewing new pet shipment listings when a very distinct one popped up: “Baby Woodchuck/Groundhog, Indiana to Killeen, TX.” Intrigued, he did a quick web search and placed a bid which won the load. “I wanted to see what I’d be up against, and my research showed woodchucks are easygoing and make great Read more about Baby woodchuck’s road trip to new home[…]

How to Ship Vehicle Parts

All you need to complete the overhaul of your 1967 Chevrole Corvette is a four-barrel carburetor, and unfortunately it hasn’t been in stock at the local mechanic for at least 20 years. So,h ow do you get that part to get that classic Corvette running? For online shippers, like the 49,000 affiliated with CitizenShipper, delivering Read more about How to Ship Vehicle Parts[…]

How to Ship a Horse

Horses are among the most difficult animals to transport and not only because of their sheer equine size. Horses not only require specialized trailers for transport and adequate hay for the duration of the trip, buy frequent exercise is a must to keep them from being restless and harming themselves in the process. Horses are Read more about How to Ship a Horse[…]

How to Ship a Bicycle

Bicycles have long been a part of American life – they offer reliable transportation as well as a great way to work out and take in the local scenery. Recently, bicycles have become increasingly expensive and personalized, so many people want to have their bikes with them as part of a vacation or a move. Read more about How to Ship a Bicycle[…]

When, And How Much, To Tip An Online Driver

By Ron Watson, Jr. You’ve planned your move to the finest detail, but something has come up at the last moment that requires assistance from your driver. Your mover has gone through extraordinary weather to get your load delivered as expected. Or you must get cargo to a destination quickly and on time, without fail. Read more about When, And How Much, To Tip An Online Driver[…]