How to Ship Vehicle Parts

All you need to complete the overhaul of your 1967 Chevrole Corvette is a four-barrel carburetor, and unfortunately it hasn’t been in stock at the local mechanic for at least 20 years. So,h ow do you get that part to get that classic Corvette running? For online shippers, like the 49,000 affiliated with CitizenShipper, delivering Read more about How to Ship Vehicle Parts[…]

How to Ship a Horse

Horses are among the most difficult animals to transport and not only because of their sheer equine size. Horses not only require specialized trailers for transport and adequate hay for the duration of the trip, buy frequent exercise is a must to keep them from being restless and harming themselves in the process. Horses are Read more about How to Ship a Horse[…]

How to Ship a Bicycle

Bicycles have long been a part of American life – they offer reliable transportation as well as a great way to work out and take in the local scenery. Recently, bicycles have become increasingly expensive and personalized, so many people want to have their bikes with them as part of a vacation or a move. Read more about How to Ship a Bicycle[…]

When, And How Much, To Tip An Online Driver

By Ron Watson, Jr. You’ve planned your move to the finest detail, but something has come up at the last moment that requires assistance from your driver. Your mover has gone through extraordinary weather to get your load delivered as expected. Or you must get cargo to a destination quickly and on time, without fail. Read more about When, And How Much, To Tip An Online Driver[…]

David Zimmerman: CitizenShipper Newcomer Making Strides

Last December, David Zimmerman joined the ranks of CitizenShipper drivers, specializing in pet transport. In the next seven weeks, he completed eight shipments and recently stepped up to help deliver a puppy that was marooned in an Indiana kennel. Zimmerman took some time to speak with us about his new career in online shipping. Q. Read more about David Zimmerman: CitizenShipper Newcomer Making Strides[…]

En route home, Ted gets a traveling buddy

Ted, the mixed puppy that has waited weeks to meet his new owner, has been joined by Jasper, a 35 lb. husky mix, nearly halfway to his destination. Jasper was picked up in Bristol, Tenn., earlier today after new CitizenShipper David Zimmerman and his wife – as well as Ted – again slept in their Read more about En route home, Ted gets a traveling buddy[…]

First Leg of ‘Operation Save Ted’ Underway

By Ron Watson, Jr. Ted, an adorable three-month-old puppy, has begun the first leg of a journey to meet his new owner. The brown mixed canine was set to make the trek earlier this month when the driver that agreed to bring the dog from Monan, Ind., to Cape Coral, Fla., became ill and was hospitalized. David Zimmerman, Read more about First Leg of ‘Operation Save Ted’ Underway[…]

How to Ship a Dog

Shipping your beloved canine can be a nerve-racking event, but proper planning as well as choosing the right driver will put your mind at ease. Properly shipping a dog should be seen as a two-step process – first, training your pup, then preparing your driver for the trip ahead. Preparing your dog for transport – whether Read more about How to Ship a Dog[…]