How To Ship a Sailboat

By Ron Watson, Jr. Piloting a sailboat can be great fun, but maintaining your craft is a daunting task. And transporting a vessel is one of the toughest chores a sailor can face. Size is the most important factor when considering shipping a sailboat, and not only its length. Masts on a standard 27 ft. Read more about How To Ship a Sailboat[…]

How to Ship a Vehicle Online

Next to buying a home, cars and trucks are some of the most expensive investments most people will make. And with the boom in Internet vehicle sales, transporting these investments safely and securely has become increasingly important. Expenses for shipping cars and trucks can vary greatly, depending if you hire a driver with an open-air Read more about How to Ship a Vehicle Online[…]

Ship Motorcycles with CitizenShipper

Motorcycles offer a great way to see the sights, whether on a vacation cruise or at a rally. Getting motorcycles to these locales can be challenging, and if you need to ship a bike for moving or retail reasons, even moreso. Sit back, relax and let CitizenShipper find a driver to deliver your motorcycle safely. Read more about Ship Motorcycles with CitizenShipper[…]

Ship Mid Century Modern Tables with CitizenShipper

Some of the great expressions of the Mid Century Modern aesthetic are manifested in tables. The sparse, clean angles of the design are reflected perfectly in vintage tables, as is the variety of materials employed. We find glass coffee table, teak kitchen tables, Lucite bases and polished metals among the designs of the period. If Read more about Ship Mid Century Modern Tables with CitizenShipper[…]

Mid Century Modern Sofas offer comfortable style

  Now that you’ve picked one or two vintage Mid Century Modern pieces to start a collection, a good way to anchor elements of the design is to purchase a sofa. Vintage stores (and collectors) across the nation are rediscovering (both financial and decorative) the value of these large items that can bring bold colors Read more about Mid Century Modern Sofas offer comfortable style[…]

Ship a vehicle now with Citizenshipper

  Americans love their cars and trucks. We keep them clean, maintained and sometimes even talk to them. But shipping a car can be difficult and expensive when using traditional carriers. That’s where CitizenShipper’s network of thousands of qualified drivers can help get your vehicle to your destination. We ship compact cars, electric cars, mid Read more about Ship a vehicle now with Citizenshipper[…]

Ship Mid Century Modern Consoles with

By RonWatson Mid Century Modern consoles are another component of the design that instantly make a bold statement, and if they are functional, special care must be taken in shipping these large items. Usually constructed of teak, rosewood or other rare woods, Mid Century Modern consoles can range from 4 to 10 feet in length Read more about Ship Mid Century Modern Consoles with[…]

Ship Your Pets Safely and Securely with CitizenShipper

Our pets: They’e part of the family. But sometimes they just can’t go where we go or at the same time. So if you have a Pekinese, Schnauzer, German Shepard, any kind of cat or an American Kennel Club show dog, CitizenShipper can get your fur baby where it needs to go safely and securely. Read more about Ship Your Pets Safely and Securely with CitizenShipper[…]

Fort Lauderdale Moving — A Family Tradition

For Gary Muraco, Jr., the shipping business is in his blood.   His father, Gary Muraco, Sr., worked for moving companies his entire adult life, but chose to put out his own shingle in 1999.   Muraco, Jr., joined his dad and has been a partner in Fort Lauderdale Moving since 2007.   The elder Read more about Fort Lauderdale Moving — A Family Tradition[…]