How To Ship a Sailboat

By Ron Watson, Jr. Piloting a sailboat can be great fun, but maintaining your craft is a daunting task. And transporting a vessel is one of the toughest chores a sailor can face. Size is the most important factor when considering shipping a sailboat, and not only its length. Masts on a standard 27 ft. Read more about How To Ship a Sailboat[…]

Ship a vehicle now with Citizenshipper

  Americans love their cars and trucks. We keep them clean, maintained and sometimes even talk to them. But shipping a car can be difficult and expensive when using traditional carriers. That’s where CitizenShipper’s network of thousands of qualified drivers can help get your vehicle to your destination. We ship compact cars, electric cars, mid Read more about Ship a vehicle now with Citizenshipper[…]

Finding the Right Flatbed Trucking Companies

Looking for hotshot loads? Visit one of the largest commission free shipping marketplaces on the web, and find loads today! One factor to take into consideration to find flatbed trucking companies is to locate the companies near you.  Use the phone or online searching.  It will be more accessible for your shipment especially if it Read more about Finding the Right Flatbed Trucking Companies[…]

Find Flatbed Brokers for the BEST Shipping Rates

Looking for Loads? Join our COMMISSION FREE Load Board and Find Shipments Today! To make your load delivery easy enabling you to save more time and effort, it is best to tap a freight broker’s assistance.  If you want to find flatbed brokers then it’s just a phone call away.  Better yet, anyone can use Read more about Find Flatbed Brokers for the BEST Shipping Rates[…]

Locate Flatbed Freight With Our Commission Free Load Board

Looking to Find Shipments? Join our Commission Free Load Board NOW! When planning to deliver a very large and tons of freight somewhere else, it is advisable to locate flatbed freight within your area.  Find a list of flatbed transportation services in yellow pages, better yet, visit any website under “flatbed” to locate the right Read more about Locate Flatbed Freight With Our Commission Free Load Board[…]