The Sharing Economy Puts Business, Profit in Your Hands

By Ron Watson, Jr. The recent phenomenon of the sharing economy, which allows everyday people to sell services, rent underused valuables, and monetize durable goods they no longer need, has become the fastest growing digital business concept in the past ten years. In 2013, Forbes magazine estimated the sharing economy pulled in more than $3.5 Read more about The Sharing Economy Puts Business, Profit in Your Hands[…]

How to Ship a Television

So you’ve finally bought a television that is perfect for the big game or guilty pleasure Netflix marathons. Who knew the Golden Girls could seem so…lifelike? But now your company has transferred you halfway across the country and you can’t bear to entrust a $2,500 high-end television to a moving company, plus it’s too big Read more about How to Ship a Television[…]

When, And How Much, To Tip An Online Driver

By Ron Watson, Jr. You’ve planned your move to the finest detail, but something has come up at the last moment that requires assistance from your driver. Your mover has gone through extraordinary weather to get your load delivered as expected. Or you must get cargo to a destination quickly and on time, without fail. Read more about When, And How Much, To Tip An Online Driver[…]

How to Move Valuables in Inclement Weather

Moving valuables in an inclement environment, whether the destination is across town or across the country, doesn’t have to be a chore if you’re properly prepared. First, as a CitizenShipper customer, choosing a driver who uses a covered carrier will help tremendously if you plan on moving items from or into areas where inclement weather Read more about How to Move Valuables in Inclement Weather[…]

How to Move a Refrigerator

Moving refrigerators is never easy – especially full-size ones or refrigerator freezer combos. These jobs are best left to the professionals, but there are preparations you can perform to make the process easier for them and for you. Mark Nash, a professional refrigerator mover for 33 years, know the ins and outs of the refrigerator Read more about How to Move a Refrigerator[…]

Ship Large Appliances With CitizenShipper

Getting the right large appliance delivered to your home requires planning and precision. Measurements must be taken and utility hookups must be ready to ensure proper placement and efficient use. We’ve put together a list of tips to help you ship and receive large appliances, whether you’re moving them across town or across the country. Read more about Ship Large Appliances With CitizenShipper[…]

Dryer Shipping Made Easy

CLICK HERE IF YOU NEED TO MOVE OR SHIP A DRYER Here is an opportunity to get your goods delivered to the customer safely. Citizenshipper helps you to get it done quickly and easily. By listing your shipment on this website you will get the best rates for the job. On you will find the well experienced and skilled Read more about Dryer Shipping Made Easy[…]