Beeline Pet Transport steps up to reunite accident victim and Blue Heeler puppy


Deanna and Todd Lillard, owners of Beeline Pet Transport, have volunteered their services to help reunite Tyler Keller and his Blue Heeler puppy, Addie.

Tyler was in a severe motor vehicle accident in Colorado two months ago and had to leave Addie with caretakers when he was transported to his home state of Michigan to continue rehabilitation. Tyler, 19, was attending college on a rodeo scholarship at the time of the accident. He and Addie saw each other while he was in the hospital, but the Blue Heeler had to remain in Colorado until funds could be raised to get her home.

Enter Beeline Pet Transport. The husband and wife team have made a splash since joining CitizenShipper in January, earning positive customer feedback for their personal touch with the pets they transport, from allowing dogs ‘quiet time’ during walks to using an intake form that contains questions about pet tendencies and feeding habits.

“We are not a moving company, we deal with living beings,” Deanna Lillard told CitizenShipper. “We only transport pets and we’re running a business, which means we take pet safety and comfort very seriously, and we want potential clients to know we‘ll get their pet from pickup to destination efficiently.”

CitizenShipper has collaborated in the effort by donating fuel for the 1264-mile trip from Littleton, CO to Huron Township, MI. CEO Richard Obousy said he’s grateful that Beeline Pet Transport has volunteered, but not surprised.

“Deanna and Todd have been great assets since joining CitizenShipper,” said Obousy. “They are animal lovers and are great at their jobs, so this is a perfect fit. They have shown a lot of heart in reuniting Tyler and Addie.”

To learn more about Beeline Pet Transport, visit their driver profile here.


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