Introducing Air Nannies – heroes who fly pets home

At first glance the idea that someone could make an extra $12,000 per month sounds almost too good to be true. But more and more people are finding out just how lucrative this opportunity can be. In this article we’re going to explain how you can join our community of Air Nannies, spend more time with cute animals and make some extra money.

If you enjoy flying and can perhaps even get cheap (or free) trips, an Air Nanny might be just the opportunity for you to make tremendous supplemental income.

Everyday, thousands of people welcome into their home a new member of their family – a puppy. But often breeders are separated from buyers by hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles. This is especially true for the rarer breeds of dog.

More and more people are hiring Air Nannies who will safely meet the breeder at a major airport, and then transport the pet to an airport close to the buyer and meet them at the Arrivals terminal. For the buyer’s, money is usually their least concern as their focus is on getting their new puppy safely to them. Buyers often pay up to $1,300 for a single air nanny trip.

With new pet transportation jobs posted daily, YOU get to pick the jobs you’re interested in, and the days/hours you work. So even if you hold a ‘regular’ job, you can easily pick up supplemental work.  

So, how can you get involved and get connected with people willing to pay you to transport pets?

Easy – CitizenShipper was created for just that! CitizenShipper is a ‘marketplace’ connecting people who want to ship things, with people who can do the transporting. While many things  are shipped using CitizenShipper, cats and dogs are extremely popular and we have a huge need to recruit additional pet shippers.

While many CitizenShipper drivers transport pets via car, a rising number of flight crew personnel and regular fliers are making additional income by bidding on long distance pet shipments. Air nannies, as they like to refer to themselves, are significantly more likely to win pet shipments. Why?
Firstly, shipping via plane is a lot faster and less stressful for animals than driving long distance and secondly it enables far longer routes than land shipments.

Signing up is free, and simple, and you could be getting connected with customers within minutes.
Sign up as an Air Nanny right away and get your first shipment!

Tips and Tricks: How to become a successful Air Nanny

There are many tricks and techniques you can use to optimize your methods of making money as a pet transporter. Here are just a few:

  • As pets flying on planes MUST be small enough to fit between your legs and under the chair, typically you’ll only be interested in cats, or dogs that are smaller than 20lbs.
  • Price your trip based on distance. Short hops might make you $350, but longer hauls could see you net up to $1,300 per trip.
  • Some people need to ship more than one pet at a time. Got a friend or a family member? Ask them to tag along and help!

Being an air nanny for pets is not only lucrative. It’s also a FUN experience if you like pets. We recently interviewed an Air Nanny who’s actively using to make supplemental income. She advises:

Be prepared with toys, small amounts of food and water, calming treats or sprays (if the owner allows you to use them) and a positive attitude. Not all dogs or cats are familiar with air travel, so you have to have patience to be able to relax them if they are feeling uneasy.”

If enjoy flying why not take full advantage of this and help transport pets to their new owners? When you are transporting someone’s beloved pet, you are not only earning extra money, but also providing an extremely valuable and responsible service to the owner. In addition, you get to hang out with a bunch of cute animals; which is a win in any animal lover’s book. 🙂

We’d LOVE to recruit you as an Air Nanny. Interested?

28 thoughts on “Introducing Air Nannies – heroes who fly pets home

  • Great! We’d love to have you sign up. You can sign up today directly from our homepage. We’re happy to give you a call if you like and walk you though how to get started.

  • Very interested and experienced with flying cats. I recently signed up with Citizenshipper. Is this a separate profile?

  • Hi I’m interested in your service. I need a puppy shipped from Seoul to Phoenix. How could I find someone that is interested in this?

  • Hey this sounds like an awesome opportunity! I LOVE animals and love to fly. How do I get the process going?

  • Hello Harmony, to receive quotes from qualified drivers on our site, please list your shipment here:

  • I have been flying puppies in cabin for 5 years, both domestic and international, South America, Europe, Canada, I am familiar with numerous airlines, airports and custom procedures…

  • Hello Charles, that’s awesome! We actually have a few “drivers” on our site who fly pets around the USA. If you are looking to a transporter on our site, you can sign up here:

  • Hi, I am very interested to become a pet air nyanni, also ground pets transportation.. please advice me how I have to start.
    Thank you,
    Best Regard
    Yuliya Zauholnova

  • Hey Yuliy, thanks for reaching out:) You can sign up as a driver on our site here:
    All you need to do is fill out the background check and verify your email and you can start bidding on shipments!

  • I have experience working with dogs as an apprentice groomer and had a 1yr internship as a zookeeper. I am very interested in being a flight nanny, but I’m unsure where to start and how to be as professional as possible in transporting fur babies! Please contact me with information on how to get started.

  • Looking for Pet Flight Travel Nanny Service
    From: Los Angeles/ Camarillo, CA
    or La Guardia NY
    Bradley/ Hartford

    1 puppy / pointer
    approx. weight in hard cage: 45 lbs
    age will be: 10 weeks
    time approx. Feb. 7-8
    with Vet Cert et..

    Please let me know. Thanks. Veronika

  • Hey there Samantha, we are glad to have you apart of the team! You can register as a transport here:

  • Hello Veronika, you can list your shipment to have your furbaby shipped here:

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